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    Alex Whitely

    We have just finished our first development with Sovereign Building Company and couldn’t be happier and more impressed with the outcome. From the finished quality to the speed of construction, with the project being completed well ahead of schedule.

    Special mention has to be given to Cort for is attention to detail, he has been amazing to deal with and highly professional always, putting the client first.

    I’m looking forward to the next project!

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    Mike Fox

    It is my pleasure to give Sovereign Building Company the highest of recommendations. From the very first day they started the project to the very last day and handover.

    The whole team from the directors, office staff and tradespersons I found very helpful and obliging and the best of all, they listened and acted on any concerns that I may have had and put me at ease with their team efficiency.

    All of my neighbours have since admired the quality of the build and have commented on the quickness to which it was complete.

    I am happy to have chosen Sovereign Building Company and would definitely commission them again and in the future.

    Well done and thank you to all.

  • The James Groom Home

    James Groom

    We have just completed our third development with Dave and the team at Sovereign. On each project they have run with our plans and got the job done without any fuss.

    We have been impressed with how well organised Sovereign Building Company is. The projects have been built ahead of schedule with very few variations.

    We enjoy being able to deal directly with the owners of the company and look forward to engaging Sovereign on future projects.
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    Norman Dang

    It took me around 2 years to find the right builder and I had a fall-out with another building company, so I was taking my time to assess each one to make sure I didn’t make the same mistake. Then after doing my research properly, I found Sovereign Building Company. David and their team were very accommodating and enthusiastic, but most of all, they were very straight forward which gave me a great peace-of-mind.

    The whole process from start to finish was smooth and a hassle-free experience for me. David was always there to sort any issues that I had (but most of the time he’d spot them before I could anyway). Definitely an efficient Supervisor I could rely on who won’t cut corners. The estimated time from slab down to finish was 1 year, but they’ve finished it within 7 months for a quality double storey house. Now that’s impressive!!

    So I would like to congratulate the Sovereign Team for their amazing effort. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’d definitely go back and recommend them to all of my family and friends
  • Clinton Deng

    Clinton Deng

    Building with Sovereign Building Company has been a very enjoyable and efficient experience for our company.

    We definitely would recommend other investors (both local and foreign) to build their projects with Sovereign Building Company.
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    The Trainer Home

    The Sovereign Building approach is first-rate. Your team was organised, motivated and followed-up on any queries with a positive, straightforward approach.

    We consider all aspects of the build within your control to have been "hassle-free" and this is largely due to your drive to provide an exceptional customer service experience. To build a 2 storey home essentially "over-the-phone", in the timeframe, to the standard received and without any of the horror stories others have endured is a great result and the envy of many of our friends and colleagues here in Karratha. That we have now commissioned Sovereign Building to Design and construct A new 3 storey development in Applecross is ringing endorsement for your efforts.

    We look forward to this project with confidence in you ability to again achieving a fantastic result.
  • The speed of delivery has been impressive, and build quality is exceptional

    Tony Black - Company Director

    Sovereign have recently completed a 4unit build for us is Perth. Assisting with everything from initial concept development, feasibility studies, design, engineering, planning approval and construction.

    As professional developers, we aren’t looking for just another builder, we need a business partner who understands our requirements and works with us to complete projects cost effectively, quickly and to the highest standard. We have worked with a number of other builders, and Sovereign are the only ones who have been able to deliver our needs.

    From contract signing to construction handover was 12months. Actual construction time was 8months. The speed of delivery has been impressive, and build quality is exceptional. Sovereign may not be the cheapest, however, they will save you time and money!

    Communication with the entire Sovereign team has been highly effective and is a key component to the relationship which we have built.

    I’m glad we have found our business partner.
  • The Bagley Family Home

    Glenn and Vicki Bagley

    After wasting 2 years searching for a builder, putting plans to tender and basically wasting time and money we decided on Sovereign Building Company to build us our dream home. After meeting Greg Barndon at one of their display homes we felt pleased that perhaps finally we had found a builder that would listen to what we wanted and build a house to our expectations.

    As this was to be our 4th build we knew exactly what we wanted and would settle for nothing but the best. Well thats exactly what we got. We are so pleased with our home and the standard to which it was built. We can not thank Dave Savietto and his wonderful team enough. They infact exceeded all our expectations and what we loved the most was the nothing is a problem approach by Dave. The fact that he was the supervisor as well as Director was very reassuring and the weekly meetings with him kept us up to date and we loved that as that had never happened with any of our previous builds.

    The staff were always friendly and very helpful. Big thanks to Tore, Dave Michelon and in fact everybody who helped in any way. We are so happy with our home and would not hesitate for a moment in recommending Sovereign Building Company to anyone who is looking to build a beautiful home without the headaches.

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    George Raphael

    From the first meeting with David and Enzo I knew that Sovereign would be able to deliver on time. Well done to the team for making our dream home a reality!

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    Tim and Tony Fanowrios

    Havinghad a fairly ordinary experience with a major builder, we decided to go with Soverign on the basis that they would provide a personalised approach to our building needs and also do it in a space of time that was 3 months quicker than the major award winning project builder.  True to form, the design process was simple and we ended up with a better design than was originally proposed - which for the record was rejected by the local council, causing yet another set back in the process.

    Throughout the build it was evident that the tradespersons, whether they were brickies, roofies, chippies, tilers, garage door installers, window installers (Jason Windows v.good by the way), were prepared to assist get the build completed in a short space of time.  I held many conversations with the tradies and whilst times were a little lean, they were always prepared to work on Saturday and even some public holidays to hold up their bit in the builds short time frame. Specifications determine pricing differences and Sovereign did not scrimp with their specifications and somehow the pricing remained suitably competitive.  The only hiccups we had were those that were unforeseeable (ie council crossover demands).

    Whilst I’m slightly biased about the look and functionality of the home, the accolades from passers-by who were constantly commenting on how quickly the build went up (especially the neighbours who were probably grateful) and how good it looked from the street.

    Thanks to Tore, Dave and Enzo and rest of Sovereign team for their support. It seemed a bit over the top at the start that you could bring the build inside the timeframe you proposed… but you did, so thanks for that.

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